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What do I need to make a timelapse?

You will need a webcam and a modern web browser.

Google Chrome 21+ Opera (coming soon) Firefox (someday) Safari (someday) Internet Explorer (someday)

Can I record a timelapse while doing other things in my browser?

Yes. time.lapse.co will continue recording as long as this tab is open. Consider pinning this tab to avoid accidentally closing it.

Right click on the tab you want to pin. The tab will shrink and continue recording pinned.

My timelapse is recording from the wrong webcam, can I change it?

After allowing access to your webcam, click on the camera icon on the right of the ommnibar near the three-bar menu icon. You can select to have the video feed come from another connected webcam.

How can I put my awesome timelapse in the time.lapse.co theater?

Timelapses made on time.lapse.co appear in the theater after YouTube indexes you video, usually within a few hours.

Can I using time.lapse.co on my phone or tablet?

Mobile support for the modern web technologies that power time.lapse.co are still experimental on even the most modern mobile web browsers. So, at this time (August, 2013), unless you know what your doing, create your timelapses on a laptop or desktop.

How long can I record a timelapse for?

As long as this tab stays open. I'm exploring ways to autosave and continue recording a timelapse so it is easier to make longer duration timelapses.

Is it timelapse, time lapse, or time-lapse?

I honestly have no idea.

How does time.lapse.co work?

Timelapses are made completely in your web browser using new HTML5 technologies like the getUserMedia API to stream video from your webcam. Frames are compiled into a .webm video using Whammy.js by antimatter15.

Got more question? I would be happy to answer on twitter or email.

I'm Sorry.

I am working hard on bring time.lapse.co to all devices, however at this time time.lapse.co is not supported on mobile. Please make a time.lapse on a computer. at this time.