Bennett Feely

Hello! My name is Bennett Feely.
I make websites so you don't have to.


CSS Image Effects

Quick, complex image effects using CSS.

CSS Scales

Accessible color scales with CSS gradients.

Saints of the Week

Weekly illustrations with a few background-image effects.


Shape up your website with CSS clip-paths.


Generate a natural language weather forecast.


New background possibilities with background-blend-mode.


Wave at the numbers and get the 2048 tile.


Run CSS animations in order.

Create a timelapse video with your webcam.


Generate flexbox code for lists.

Filters Playground

Try out the CSS filter property.


CSS Blend Modes could be the next big thing in web design

Exploring the possibilities of CSS blend

The CSS filter property in action

Featured in .net magazine issue magazine

Animated Navigation Icons with CSS Transforms

Explaining how to make the morphing menu


Screen rotation

How screen orientation changes should look.

Tick Tock

Looping clock in HTML and CSS.


Playable little keyboard with HTML, CSS, and Beeplay.js.

Navicon Transformicons

Trending icon transformation. Now seen on websites of Apple, Google, CNN, and Starbucks.

Smoky Text

Text effect using a text-shadow animation.

Typographical Snowflakes

Create snowflakes with letters.


Concepts of toggle buttons.

Twitter Button Concept

Live Twitter button container.

Filters Gallery

Concept using the CSS filter property.